Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1 Chronicles 21

I’ve set a goal to read the whole Bible. I do not know how long it will take me. There are guides available out there that suggest what books of the Bible to read for a more cohesive understanding but I opted to read the Holy Book chronologically, not by the dates they were written but rather how they were arranged in the Holy Bible of today.

I have read the whole New Testament but I’ve re-started reading it beginning with the book of Matthew.

In conjunction with this I am also reading the Old Testament. Today I have reached 1 Chronicles 21.

So, what were written in this chapter?

1. Satan caused trouble for Israel by making David think it was a good idea to find out how many people there were in Israel and Judah (v1)
2. David’s order to count the people made God angry, and He punished Israel (v7)
3. God made David choose how the LORD will punish him
a. 3 years when the land won’t grow enough food
b. The enemies will defeat Israel for 3 months
c. The LORD will send a horrible disease to strike the land for 3 days

4. David pleaded with God to punish him and his family instead (v17)
5. God told David to go to Araunah’s threshing place and build an alter there in honour of the LORD (v18)
6. David paid Araunah 600 gold coins for his threshing place (v25)…”I can’t just take something from you and then offer the LORD a sacrifice that cost me nothing.” (v24)

And here are my questions:
1. Why was God angry with David when he did the census?
2. Although David pleaded with God to punish him instead God still chose to punish the nation, why?
3. What significance has the number 3 in this story (3 choices, 3 years of famine, 3 months of defeat, 3 days of disease)?
4. What about the threshing floor, why did God choose to have His altar built there?
5. Who is Araunah?
6. How do these apply to my life?

If you have any insights please do not hesitate to share...